The Development of Features of Entrepreneurship’s Expression in an Enterprise


  • Jolita Greblikaite Kaunas University of Technology
  • Kestutis Krisciunas Kaunas University of Technology



entrepreneurship, features of entrepreneurship’s expression, innovation, new technologies, knowledge


Recent years globalization processes, growing competition and pressure in the market rise new challenges for managers and enterprises. New strategies, valued decisions, new ways of thinking are implied in business. But there are some traditional viewpoints to business which creates added value. One of them is entrepreneurship. The phenomenon is known from the times than business was not so much researched as now is. The value and meaning of this phenomenon is important and even growing.

Entrepreneurship can be described by the features of its expression. These features in the article are crystallized from theoretical research works on entrepreneurship and the whole of them reflects the modern concept of entrepreneurship in an enterprise nowadays. Development of features of entrepreneurship’s expression strongly depends on the economic and society transformations. The features encounter economic, managerial, social cohesion and technological activities in the enterprise.

As the theoretical analysis allowed to identify and to ground the features of entrepreneurship’s expression in an enterprise, an empirical analysis of the development of features is important and useful in practice. Entrepreneurship is tightly connected with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Expression of entrepreneurship is more intensive in SMEs.

Important support for SMEs is structural funding from the European Union (EU). Financial support goes under appropriate priorities, there is often declared that innovative entrepreneurial SMEs have to be supported in the documents.  So, possible expression of entrepreneurship and its features is researched in this article in this kind of projects supported by the European Commission (EC) as to clarify how the concept of entrepreneurship is understood by the experts valuating projects and giving funding for the SMEs.

The other part of empirical research is based on the Lithuanian enterprises, treated as innovative. Such environment as a science park could give the appropriate conditions to the enterprises for implying and developing entrepreneurship. So, interviewing enterprises of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Regional Science Park might disclose the view of business practitioners to the expression of entrepreneurship. They could value the features of entrepreneurship’s expression from innovative SMEs attitude.

Empirical research methods:  content analysis of SMEs supporting projects; interview of experts (managerial staff) of enterprises of KTU Regional Science Park.

The research results conclude that development of the features of entrepreneurship’s expression depends on economic transformations, also is related with new innovation, technologies, and knowledge used. The pressure of competitors makes impact on activity directly. The society pressure raises conditions for social features’ development. The consolidated features of entrepreneurship’s expression are meaningful and important as well as newly developed features.


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